Test Prep Services

Through guided practice and training, we teach students how to navigate standardized tests. Our expert instructors teach students how to approach test questions with confidence through extensive drills to develop accuracy and build test endurance.

Standard Group Prep

We offer small group prep for the SAT and ACT, in both long-term and short-term formats. Long-term prep meets once per week over six weeks. Short-term meets twice per week over three weeks. Each course provides two practice tests to measure performance. CLICK HERE FOR CURRENT SCHEDULE

Individualized Group Prep

We also offer individualized group prep at the request of parents if two, three, or four students wish to work together. Small group prep consists of 16 hours of prep (8 hrs verbal/8 hrs math) and covers the same material as our other courses. The rate for the class depends on the number of students.
$1800 each - 2 Students
$1200 each - 3 Students

Tutorial Prep

We provide private tutorial prep for students who are interested in one-to-one prep sessions. These sessions are tailored to the student's schedule, and cover the key components of the requested test. A standard tutorial consists of 16 hours of prep (8 hrs verbal/8 hrs math).

Follow Up Prep

For students who have completed a course with us, additional prep is available in specific subjects on an hourly basis.